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Compliance with employment legislation is a legal minefield for business with potentially serious consequences for those who don?t comply. The quantity of legislation alone is a significant regulatory burden on the small and medium sized enterprise.


Our Employment Law Compliance Audit is a unique service specifically developed for the small to medium sized business entity. It offers distinctly separate packages tailor-made to meet the requirements and budget of your business. It is an exceptional service offering ensuring that any business undertaking the Audit is in compliance with the necessary employment legislation enabling you to smoothly adjust to future employment requirements with minimum fuss or financial outlay.


What is included?

1. The Preliminary Questionnaire

The Employment Law Compliance Audit begins with a comprehensive questionnaire for the company?s management team to review and complete. All documents and related materials requested in the questionnaire are assembled and returned to LawPlus with the completed questionnaire.


2. Review of Questionnaire

Once the questionnaire and related documents are received by LawPlus an internal review is carried out by an employment law solicitor. A simple checklist of issues is prepared preliminarily identifying problem areas.


3. Review Meeting

A meeting is scheduled between the solicitor and the designated officers of the company who oversee employment issues. This is an information-gathering exercise designed to familiarise the audit team with the most current information about the company. The audit team may also perform some on-site observations on the implementation of employment issues.


4. Audit Recommendations

Following on from the review meeting LawPlus will issue a report providing its audit recommendations. Once the recommendations have issued, the management should meet to discuss the recommendations. What the management do will vary depending on the specific findings of the report. At a minimum, management should schedule meetings with key personnel to review and discuss the post-audit recommendations; prepare internal memos to educate the employees; conduct employee seminars to educate employees about proper procedures and compliance; and in certain cases, develop handbooks for continued and readily available guidance for the company?s staff.


To arrange a fixed fee ?Employment law compliance audit? contact LawPlus Employment today.

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