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An ounce of prevention, a pound of cure ??

Preventative medicine means visiting your doctor once a year or so for a check-up, even if you?re not sick. Preventative maintenance means taking your car to a mechanic every 15,000 miles, even if it seems to be running smoothly.


And preventative law means doing something now instead of waiting until you get sued.


Many small and medium business owners are familiar with accounting audits and tax audits, but few are familiar with legal audits. A legal audit is used to assess the general ?legal health? of your business. LawPlus has developed a unique high-level Legal Audit that includes a review of your current business practices in order to insure that you are complying with the law, a report identifying the issues you need to address and recommended approaches to addressing them.


A legal audit can also be tailored to very specific areas of concern, such as employment law problems, internet issues, protecting business ideas, or electronic contracting.


Contact LawPlus Commercial to discuss how our legal audit can help your business.


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