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Mediated agreements are drawn up through mediation. Mediation is a process whereby separating couples are helped to resolve any disputes they may have in relation to children, financial support, and other issues, and then to reach agreement on how they will manage these when they separate.


The mediator encourages the separating couple to cooperate with each other in working out a separation arrangement to which they both agree. Both parties in the separation are required to attend the mediation sessions.


The aim of mediation is that the couple will have a mediated agreement that may be used to form the basis of a legal separation agreement by a solicitor.


The mediation service is not a legal service; couples who opt for a Mediated Agreement should take independent legal and financial advice before attending mediation so they know their rights and can make informed decisions.


A signed mediation agreement will be persuasive in any subsequent court proceedings and you should not sign any written agreement without prior legal advice.


Mediation normally takes up to six sessions. Mediation in the Family Mediation Service is free of charge. Other services may request a nominal contribution.


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