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What we offer?

  • CaseConnect™ - LawPlus's unique online tracking system, allowing you and anyone you authorise, to trace the progress of your case 24 hours a day 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Email updates in real time
  • Real time SMS updates to your mobile phone
  • Highly competitive fixed fees - what you are quoted is what you will pay.
  • Quick response email helpdesk daily during the working week. We aim to reply to queries within the hour. More complicated questions may take a little longer, though never more than 24 hours
  • No meetings needed
  • Absolutely no hidden extras
  • Your own personal contact at the firm
  • Direct telephone line to the firm
  • Email address of the firm
  • Text address of the firm
  • Quality Assurance - all LawPlus?s solicitors are registered with the Law Society of Ireland.


CaseConnect™ is Lawplus?s unique online tracking system, allowing you, your estate agent, your lending institution and your mortgage broker, if you have one, to trace your case progress 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Login to your file at any time with the user name supplied when you instruct us. LawPlus will update your case file whenever an important milestone is reached. We will add any additional comments that we feel may help you understand at what stage the transaction is at, and also to prompt for a return of information. If the other party is holding up the transaction in any way you will also be able to see this from CaseConnect™.


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SMS updates to your mobile phone

Each time a milestone is reached, CaseConnect™ will send an SMS update to your mobile phone. This will be a brief explanation of the stage reached and will remind you that there is a much more detailed explanation in the email sent concurrently with the SMS. To receive SMS updates, you can register online once formal instructions have been returned to the firm.


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Email updates

CaseConnect™ provides you with an email update every time your case progresses through a milestone. This email will give fuller details regarding your case progression and anything that can be done by you to help the process along. These email updates will be sent automatically.


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Highly competitive fixed fees

The delivery of highly competitive fixed fees, i.e. what you are quoted is what you will pay, is a cornerstone of this unique online conveyancing service. LawPlus do not believe that, just because a property is of high value, anyone buying, selling or remortgaging the property should be charged any extra. LawPlus tries to include every single cost you may have to pay, throughout the transaction, which can be estimated at the quote stage, including leasehold fees. LawPlus do not claim to "beat every other genuine quotation" as this could mean quality being compromised, or corners cut. We aim to provide very reasonable rates from a high quality firm without economising on the conveyancing process. Buying, selling or remortgaging a property is a very important process and LawPlus aims to ensure this stressful time goes as smoothly as possible for all our clients.


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Quick response email helpdesk

The quick response email helpdesk is available to clients, Monday to Friday between the hours of 11am and 4pm (excluding bank holidays). LawPlus aims to respond to all queries within the hour. Otherwise queries will be dealt with when the helpdesk is next open. Complicated questions may take a little longer to resolve, but a reply should never take longer than 24 hours. LawPlus staff would ask that you only contact the email helpdesk for queries that cannot be answered by exploring the LawPlus website.


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Free call back

If you feel our email response has not sufficiently answered your query, there is a free call-back service. You should email us with as much detail as possible, so LawPlus can prepare a response before telephoning you. We do not charge for this service, and try to make sure that you talk to the same person each time we call you.


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Your own contact at the firm

You will have your own contact at the firm, who will answer any questions you may have regarding your case file. Before you contact the firm, it is recommended that you check the LawPlus website to see if your query has already been covered there. You should also login to CaseConnect™ to see if there are any updates on your file. Remember that within CaseConnect™ there is a comments box, which the person dealing with your file will use as their main contact with you. Please read the progress reports in the email updates very carefully as sometimes you will need to send something to the firm for us to proceed further. Additionally there may be a third party delay such as waiting for your mortgage offer to come through. Please only telephone if you really cannot make contact any other way.


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Direct telephone line

You will have a direct telephone line to LawPlus. The people you talk to will be familiar with your file and able to answer your questions.


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Email address of firm

You will be provided with the email address of the relevant solicitor or legal executive dealing with your case. Although all firms promise to answer emails as soon as is reasonably practicable, you may not get quite the same response that you do from LawPlus, but it should still be within 24 hours.


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Quality Assurance

All practitioners in LawPlus are experienced conveyancing professionals. All are forward-looking and embrace new ideas and technologies that allow us to expedite the conveyancing process for you. We are regulated by the Law Society of Ireland and we operate a Code of Practice that ensures full compliance with Law Society Practice Directions and relevant legislation.


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Peace of mind

In conjunction with the quality assurance guarantee, you have the peace of mind of knowing that any solicitor who cannot adhere to the LawPlus code of practice or is found to contravene this code will immediately be removed.


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A phone call &/or initial letter posted first class TODAY

If we retrieve your instruction from our database before 3pm during the working week, you will receive a phone call &/or initial letter from LawPlus posted TODAY. Otherwise your initial letter will be sent out the next working day.


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No meetings needed

All work is done by post, email and telephone as appropriate. Some people say that not meeting face to face holds up the conveyancing process. In fact in reality, it is quite the opposite. In most cases it is much more efficient to conduct conveyancing in this fashion. For instance, you do not need to take the afternoon off work to sign a document which you could easily sign at home! LawPlus Home is all about efficiencies and doing things in a better way for the client ? providing you with the service you need when you want it, where you want it and how you want it.


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Absolutely no hidden extras

LawPlus is very proud of its absolutely no hidden extras claim. There will be no extra costs at all, because of our superior quoting system. There are no additional charges for photocopying, postage, travel costs, as these minor disbursements form part of the fee for the service. Obviously, this guarantee is subject to the firm's usual terms and conditions of business (a copy of which can be viewed on our website) and to the information given to LawPlus being accurate. The guarantee will not operate if incorrect information is provided.


Contact LawPlus Home Law for a competive fixed quote or alternatively Instuct a Solicitor.

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LawPlus Solicitors provide excellent legal services in the areas of Family Law, Employment Law, Home Law and Commercial Law related matters.

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