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By its very nature family law matters can be complex. They are also times of great emotion and stress.

So, our priority is to keep you informed, with prompt, practical advice… helping you make good decisions in difficult times.

When family life isn’t a box of chocolates

Despite everybody’s best intentions when entering into a marriage, a civil partnership or a co-habiting relationship, things don’t always work out as intended. Sometimes life just isn’t like a box of chocolates. Your portion isn’t milk chocolate – it is bittersweet, or sometimes downright bitter, which leads to your relationship breaking down.

While relationships are easily entered into, the breakdown of any relationship can be a lot more difficult. The anguish, hurt, worry and stress which can be present in many family law disputes are enormous. How do we know this? Because we have been representing clients involved in family breakdowns for many years.

What have we learned?

A LOT! We know that no two relationships are ever the same. We know that genuine compassion and an empathetic ear are always welcome. We know that emotion can cloud judgment. We know that straight-talking, pragmatic legal advice is often required but rarely given.

We also know that easy access to your family lawyer is important and that we are there when you need us – always contactable, always listening, always guiding, and always advising.

Our family services

Legal separation is a legal process by which a married couple formally separate. This can be done by way of a Deed of Separation (a written agreement between the couple) or by way of a Judicial Separation, where a Court Order is made.

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A divorce is a dissolution of a marriage granted by the Court. Terms can be agreed between the couple in advance of court proceedings, failing which the Court will decide on the terms.

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Recommended that both parties prefer to resolve their legal issues out of court while remaining amicable during the process.

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