Mental capacity

We will guide you through the radical changes made in the area of mental capacity, introduced by the new Assisted Decision-Making (Capacity) legislation, and we will guide you the options that are now available.

The new Assisted Decision-Making (Capacity) Acts 2015-2022 shifts the focus to decision-making capacity.

We offer expert advice on this new legislation and the options that are now available. This complex legislation consists of two Acts which together contain over 250 Sections, covered in a couple of hundred pages. Advice must be taken on the new legal landscape and the necessary actions that can now be taken.

  • Discharge from Wardship under new legislation
  • Decision-Making Assistance Agreements
  • Co-Decision-Making Agreements
  • DMR Orders
  • Applications to Court under the new legislation
  • Enduring Powers of Attorney
  • Advanced Healthcare Directives
  • Registration of Agreements with DSS

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